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  • What Causes Stress? 5 Habits You Should Let Go

    What Causes Stress? 5 Habits You Should Let Go

    What should you do when you feel constant tension and stress? What factors influence the occurrence of such conditions? One of the most common reasons, oddly enough, is you! Our thoughts and actions sometimes have a baneful influence on our mental and physical health. How to minimize this impact? Today we will tell you about five factors that you need to ignore or exclude from your life.

    People Carrying Negativity Into Your Life

    These are the very people who love to criticize you and do it regularly. If you decide to do something new or try to work something out, most likely, these people will start to slow you down. Don`t forget that the baneful influence of these people cannot be underestimated. It has all the powers to cross out all your life plans and sap the strengths of even the most powerful person. Of course, you don’t have to spend much time with “toxic” people, but this won’t solve the problem totally, because even the calmest and the peace-loving person has an emotional outburst and a bad mood from time to time. Learn how not to come under the influence.

    Public Opinion

    What if public opinion matters as hell? Well, love yourself and make sure that you are worthy of love and respect. Quite simply issue: what difference does it make to us, who will think about how beautiful we are, what we are dressed in, what they said or did?
    Impressionable people with the vulnerable psyche and especially young people usually are too dependent on the opinions of others. However, you should know that people are unlikely to be so worried about you to form an opinion. In fact, no matter what you do, people will forget about it in an hour.

    High Expectations and Ideals

    Perhaps you have a perfect image in your head, your ideal you want to be. You imagine that you will do this project like this, but it turns out differently. Or you experience frequent creative crises in connection with high expectations from yourself.
    Remember, no one is perfect, and you don`t need to blame yourself for this. Even the most talented people, in your opinion, have their problems and difficulties. You should learn to accept weaknesses and concentrate better on the slow, gradual, and high-quality implementation of one task than to grab onto everything and feel disappointed.


    This factor is dangerous only when it develops from constructive criticism into constant self-flagellation. Of course, this leads to a disgusting mood, problems, and even more issues. Even if something doesn’t work out for you or you did something wrong, accept it. Try not to evaluate, but simply accept it as part of you and draw conclusions. This is the only correct way not to destroy yourself with your own hands. When you feel bad about something, you can try to do yoga or meditation to clear your mind to calm yourself a bit.

    You are Stressed About Being «Stressed.»

    This is generally the most interesting point. People are mysterious creatures. If you constantly feel stress and worries, then you get this more and more. There are even studies claiming that stress causes the most harm only when you are sure that it is harmful.
    Therefore, if your life is filled with stress or anxiety, or if you have nervous work, then use this energy as a charge. Turn it into fuel! Of course, there are many causes for concern. However, I think these several ideas can help you reduce the amount and duration of stressful periods in your life.

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