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  • Submarine Optical Fiber Cable Link For Andaman and Nicobar

    submarine optical fiber

    PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the Chennai - Andaman and Nicobar submarine Optical Fiber Communication Cable, which will provide a better connectivity to archipelago.

    Andman and Nicobar
    Chennai - Andaman and Nicobar | Image Source: mapsofindia

    One of the union territory of India. Which contains more than 572 islands and is divided into two major parts Andaman and Nicobar. The territorial capital of these islands is Port Blair and this island have territorial animal named Dugong. Now in current time the finer cable for the internet is reached to the islands after the 24 months with very hard by the BSNL and INDIAN NAVY.

    This is a great development for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Since the internet connectivity is the main source for the enhancement of tourism, people now can come here and enjoy and in any case of the emergency they can also work from here. Earlier the satellite internet can be accessed for the military propose only. But now they have also an alternative option for the internet connectivity in any emergency cases.

    Since the 37 islands of the total islands are inhabited only so the line is connected to the major islands like long island, Port Blair, little Andaman, Car Nicobar, Kamorta, Great Nicobar.

    New Andaman and Nicobar Map
    New Andaman and Nicobar Map 

    The finer optics line is more than 2300 km long. From Chennai to the Port Blair where the speed is going to be 400gb/s and remaining connected islands will get 200gb/s. This place is very much containing rare biodiversity and this make the islands an attraction point. Also, Nicobar place having the restricted zone where the uncontacted people (sentineless people) live.

    All the credit goes to the BSNL and Indian Navy to do so over the span of 24 months. And this project is fully received money from the Universal Service Obligation Fund. Which you might have listen may a times. Which is the due that is given by the telecom company like idea (Aditya Birla group), Bharti airtel, and Vodafone. At the time of 2G and 3G connectivity the company did not pay the adjusted gross revenue and later it become so much what helping the govt to conduct such a huge project by that money. And still large money is still pending in the dues.

    What is Submarine Communication Optical Fiber Cable?

    It is a cable laid on the sea bed between land-based station to carry telecommunication signals across stretches of ocean and sea. The optical Fiber elements are typically individually coated with plastic layers and contained in a protective tube suitable for the environment where the cable will be deployed.

    What is Optical Fiber?

    The optical fibre is the medium for carrying the information from one point to another in the form of light. A basic fiber optic system consists of a transmitting device that converts an electric signal into in light signal and a receiver that accepts the light signal and converts it back to the electric signal. The Optic Fiber System may be from very simple to extremely sophisticated systems. Today, the long-distance telephone cable has now been replaced by Optical Fiber Cable. From the decades of 1980s onwards there has been phenomenal growth in the use & importance of Fiber Optic System.

    What is Dark Fiber?

    It is an unused optical fibre that has been laid but is not currently being used in fibre-optic communications. Since fibre-optic cable transmits information in the form of light pulses, a "dark" cable refers to one through which light pulses are not being transmitted. Companies lay extra optical fibres in order to avoid cost repetition when more bandwidth is needed. It is also known as unlit fibre.

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