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  • UPSC IAS in First Attempt - One Year Study Plan

    IAS in First Attempt - One Year Study Plan
    The UPSC Civil Services Exam is your key to enter into the challenging Indian bureaucratic career. If you clear this exam, you can be part of the elite civil services which include prestigious services like the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS), and a host of other services. In this article, we give you a model one year study plan for IAS exam. Contrary to what many think, it is possible to crack the UPSC IAS EXAM with one year of preparation.

    One Year UPSC IAS Study Plan

    Month 1

    The first month should be spent on reading about the exam and understanding what is in store for you. It is assumed that you are taking the civil services plunge because you are sure of your choice of career as a civil servant or diplomat. Get a copy of the latest UPSC syllabus and go through it carefully. You don’t have to decide an optional at this stage. Be sure of the entire UPSC exam process and pattern. Make sure you are eligible. You should also start reading a newspaper (preferably ‘The Hindu’) daily. You are also advised to visit BYJU’S Free IAS prep daily for news analysis and exam-related info and news. Prepare a list of study material you have to buy or borrow, and acquire them. Talk to seniors or mentors and gather useful tips from them.

    Months 2 – 5

    The next two months should be spent in reading the fundamental books of the General Studies papers, including NCERT textbooks. Start your reading in such a manner that both prelims and mains portions are covered. You should make notes as and when you are studying. Also, ensure you are periodically revising whatever you are studying. Current affairs are important at every stage and so, maintain a separate file for it. Make notes as you read the newspaper for current affairs. To get the latest UPSC Current affairs from important sources like PIB, Yojana, newspapers and more, check the link in above photo.

    Months 6 – 8

    You should decide on your optional subject at this phase. Once it is finalized, you should start your optional preparation as well, apart from continuing your GS preparation. This is also the time for you to join a Prelims Test Series.

    By the end of this phase, you would have taken your IAS prelims exam.

    Months 9 – 12

    During this period, you must start the answer writing practice for the mains exam. Continue your newspaper reading and give particular emphasis on editorials from where you can gather good opinions and multiple views on a single topic. Read a good magazine like Yojana. You can join a mains test series for result-oriented answer writing practice. You should also read government reports. Due to time constraints and considering the cost-benefit ratio, it would be prudent if you read standard summaries of these reports.

    By the end of this phase, you would have taken your IAS mains exam.

    Post Mains exam

    After the UPSC mains exam, you will have a couple of months before you get the results. After the results are out and you find your name on the list put out by the UPSC, you can start honing your skills for the UPSC personality test. All this while, do not quit reading the daily newspaper. Improve your fitness, spend time doing your hobbies, watch relevant programs on the television, practice mock interviews, and be the best version of you.

    Throughout the entire process, it is important to stay healthy and positive.

    We hope you will find the above 1-year study plan for IAS useful in your pursuit of the IAS dream

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